One Night Out West – A Poem

Lilly the singing Cow-Gal

Sits under the snowshoe moon,

She strums her guitar

With an old shooting star

She won at the Silver Saloon.


The plains vast and wide,

Trickle down the Divide,

Like a rambling, grassy sea;

They rise and they fall,

And softly they call

All searchers to follow me

Past oxen and wagons

And blue-bellied dragons,

Over timber and rambling plain–

Come ride through the gaps

In blue jeans and chaps,

Singing a lazy refrain.


But now sun has set,

The horizon it’s met,

The prairie whispers and settles.

Lil’s pony Bandanna,

Won fair in Montana,

Snorts at the whistling kettle.  


And in that vast night,

By the campfire light,

As Lily ponders the sky,

The ghosts of Oglalas

With twirling riatas

Go silently dancing by.

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