Summer Night – A Poem


She thought of families,

Big jumbled families—

Brothers and cousins,

Uncles and aunts,

Older sisters in crepe de chene going

Out on a Saturday evening.


Sitting in the yard,

She’d watch them as they ran

To boyfriends waiting

In glistening sedans, rag tops


Handsome boys,

The kind that dance,

Hold you firmly at the small of your back

And twirl you around…


Left behind,

She’d take the steps

And wonder when;

Then, there was always someone

Making ice cream in a bucket—

Another summer night—



Ice and saltpeter against cedar.


She wasn’t the dark,

Romantic kind

To swoon

Over a misty autumn eve; she’d take

A summer night

And the songs of birds,

And the land like a paint set

You can dip your brush into.



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